My Journey with Tantra

Is on going, dynamically changing all the time, helping me feel more deeply connected with myself, learning to see, hear and feel my way deeper into experiences and also where my balance is at any one time between two polar opposites. Currently this is with how much time I spend indoors/outdoors, physically moving/being still, being alone/with people.

It helps me to wake up and be happy in the morning and excited to be alive, knowing that when I do any energy work such as healing, meditation or qui gong I can raise kundalini energy up my spine to the crown and feel glowing with the feeling of sunshine of such warm blissful energy and sometimes moving into the state of vibrational aliveness in each cell of my being which may last 24 hours or more.

I have felt stronger energy as more negative patterns of mind, emotions, attitudes and beliefs are cleared out of my system and rarely feel unwell these days. I also notice the manifestation of things I desire is very quick to happen.
I feel more joy and pleasure in my physical body especially when dancing and love every part of my body, and feel more sensual than ever before. I also notice more playfulness coming through in my life which is wonderful from someone who used to be a workaholic !
Sex has always been a more spiritual adventure for me and feels more sacred than ever before and allows me to link this aspect of creation with everything. I now can see more clearly that we create everything in our lives.
I have learnt how to hold unconditional love for myself and others and this has proved very useful for keeping in this energy space when things are not going so well, remembering to stay in this space and give blessings to people or a situation.

I bless everyone who comes through my door as each person teaches me something about life.

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