Lingham Massage

Men need to learn to relax and receive.  Traditional sexual conditioning has the man in a doing and goal oriented mode.  The Lingham massage allows the man to experience his softer, more receptive side and experience pleasure from a non-traditional perspective.  For this reason the man remains passive at all time during the Tantric massage experience.

Orgasm is not the goal of the Lingham massage … although it can be a pleasant and welcome side effect.  The goal is to massage the Lingham,  including the testicles, perineum and Sacred Spot externally. This will allow you to surrender to a form of pleasure that you may not be accustomed to.  Ligham massage can also helps you to control your ejaculation and therefore achieve longer and more pleasurable orgasms

‘Lingham’ is the sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is and is loosely translated as ‘Wand of Light’.  In tantra or Sacred Sexuality the Lingham is respectfully viewed and honoured as a ‘Wand of Light’, that channels creative energy and pleasure.

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