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Tantric Massage is a total experience of full body ecstasy. It is a fusion of environment, preparation and pressure points. It is as much about how to touch as it is about where to touch. Sensual Massage is something transcendental. It is way above what is merely physical. Imagination plays an important role in sensual massage, allowing yourself and your imagination to enter the magical realms of creativity and opening yourself up to being tender, loving and playful. A sensual massage is a wonderful process through which you can get back in touch with the good feelings you can enjoy from your body. We sometimes forget that our skin is the outer, very sensitive covering of our bodies, and we gain a lot of pleasure from it being touched; a beautiful and melting experience.

We will complete a small ritual to welcome you into my special space, and I will teach you some breathing techniques to help you relax and clear your mind. For the Tantric Massage I use a beautiful, smooth and non-scented oil, performing a slow, gentle and sensual all-over body massage. If you have any aches or pains be sure to tell me so I can pay extra attention to those areas. You will find yourself melting away, allowing me to caresses every single piece of your entire being; a true full-body treatment.

During this experience and you undertake to fully incorporate the tantric breathing, to be totally passive and submissive and to follow all my guidelines leading you into total ecstasy

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