What is Tantric Massage ?

With Tantric Massage you will experience an awakening of all your senses, one at a time, which brings both women and men to a place of heightened awareness, a different state of being and feeling, called erotic trance state.

I will create a safe space for you to completely let go and surrender to the experience of a full body massage. One in which movement will be between a state of deep relaxation and heightened sensual, sexual arousal, allowing the feeling of whole body orgasm or an ecstasy state. This is used for great healing and transformation and helps you connect with your spiritual self.

Most importantly, this is not a sexual service.

It is a healing which allows you to observe and control your sexual energy in a non-sexual environment. Both women and men as recipients will remain passive at all times during the experience.

Our local area is in the South West of England and South Wales. In particular Bristol, Gloucester, Bath, Cheltenham, Newport, Monmouth and Cardiff. All these towns are within an hour of our temple.

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